Facility Management


HOTEK Hospitality Group develops and provides key card systems, hotel accessories and safety solutions for the hotel industry.


LOXE puts the power of intelligent technology in the hands of your customers. By having their rooms on their smartphone, customers will benefit more easily from your exclusive offers (early check-in, airport shuttle, breakfast, upgrade of rooms, etc.).


Operto is a company that offers an operational management platform for vacation rentals, hotels, and other types of accommodations. They provide integrated solutions for electronic key management, thermostat control, noise detection, and other features, all aimed at optimizing the guest experience while simplifying management for property owners and facility managers.


SESAME Technology is a must -have specialist in the digitalization of processes, it covers high -added subjects linked to the dematerialization of independent arrivals and departures customers, visitors and staff, the connected locks, the dematerialized payment by QR code with its activity Wallet