Chatbot platform for facilitating intelligent omnichannel customer service for hotels, inns and resorts.

Customer Alliance

The Customer Alliance solution is essential for companies, independent hotels and channels at the time of digitalization and lack of staff. The tool helps generate more reviews, improve reputation and automate customer communication.

HDB Solutions

Commercial and account manager available 24 hours a day by chat, email and telephone to take over from your teams or integrate into your processes and allow you to industrialize your customer relationship.


Hijiffy: IA, Chatbot, virtual concierge for customer communication. Whatsapp automation, personalized campaigns, quick responses to customer requests.


Jivochat: live cat, all-in-one pro messaging. Watch, cat via various channels (online, telephone, e-mail, facebook). Agent, historical reports, collection offline. Convert visitors to customers now.


Unlock more income, productivity, satisfaction! Quicktext’s AI & big data solutions transform hotels: Organize data, 3rd-gen AI chatbot for customer interaction, enhance sales, content, marketing. Award-winning, generating $139M leads for hotels in 2021.


Triptease empowers hotels to recapture guest relationships, increase direct bookings, & reduce their reliance on online travel agencies


UTELYS allows hoteliers to improve the customer experience by keeping contact with them before, during and after their stay!


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